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Invigilators / Patient Model / Marshal

Total Staff services currently looking for Exam Invigilators for one of our clients in Aintree, Liverpool. The dates are in June and July and it will be form 7.30 am till 5.30pm. The pay rate is £10 per hour.


21 - 22 June

28 - 29 June

5, 6, 7, 8 July

20 - 21 July

The duties are:

Exam floor invigilator

Assisting examiners to find their correct station on the exam floor and any general queries they have throughout the exam day.

Overseeing a specific area of the exam to ensure student flow through the circuit is maintained during the exam.

Monitoring examiner input onto an iPad throughout the exam session.

Cleaning of the stations between each session and at the end of the exam day.

Alerting members of the clinical skills team to issues within the stations themselves.

Assisting the OSCE team with post exam duties e.g. collecting of paperwork and station equipment.

Student floor invigilator

Setting up the pre and post briefing areas before and in between exam session under direction of the student floor leads. This may require you to be able to move and lift boxes.

Escorting students to and from the exam floor, as the students are under exam conditions during this period you need to ensure that they remain silent during this time.

Collecting and returning of student property.

Directing examiners and visitors around the exam venues, referring any questions from the students to the floor lead if you are unable to answer them.

Voluntary patient

Acting as a mock patient for candidates to perform examinations on. This may include you needing to expose your chest, or other body part such as your shoulders, knees or elbows and allowing male and female student doctors to examine you whilst an examiner is watching them. You may be asked to don a patient gown for these examinations. There will be a privacy screen attached to the both you are in for these examinations.

You may be playing the role of the patient but the student performs a skill on a model, such as taking blood from a fake arm.

You may be asked to play a parent or carer and need to give the student some information regarding the patient such as their name and DOB.

You will be given a briefing on the day regarding the role that you will be playing and if needed you will be given a short script and demonstration of behaviours we would like you to act.

Please be advised that the role requires you to be able to walk long distances, move and lift boxes and may require you to be a patient. We therefore recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, smart casual clothing and bring shorts and t-shirt with you in case you are required to be a patient.


Job Type:Temporary
Branch:Total Staff Wirral
Consultant:Contact Branch (Total Staff Wirral)
Tel: 0151 556 4817
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