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Gender Pay Gap

Total Staff Services - Our Gender Pay Gap

The information on this page represents the Gender Pay Gap analysis for Total Staff Services, for the pay gap snapshot period up to and including the 5th April 2019. The legislative requirements for reporting these statistics mean that all companies in the UK who had more than 250 employees as at 5th April 2019 have to publish these figures.
Total Staff services holds employment contracts for hundreds of temporary workers placed with our clients. The pay for these workers is set by our clients. In addition Total Staff Services holds employment contracts for our own internal employees. These two groups of employees are therefore very different, but the legislation requires us to report on the consolidated figures for both groups.
The gap in the mean hourly rate of pay and the difference in the median hourly rate of pay may reflect the higher pay on offer to workers in traditional industrial placements where working conditions and working hours often require higher wages to attract staff. This type of work typically attracts a higher proportion of men.
The bonus pay figures are not a reflection of the pay on offer to our temporary workers as they typically do not receive bonus payments from our clients. The figures are based on bonuses paid to our own internal recruitment staff, consultants and managers. These bonuses can vary very significantly depending on levels of business, internal staff changes and variations in the nature and geographical spread of our business.
In all cases we work very hard to achieve the best possible rates of pay and career enhancing opportunities for our staff.
More information on Gender pay gaps, including details of the reports from other companies across the UK, is available via the Gender pay gap service on the UK Government website, including this explanation: .

Gender Pay Gap Differences: 2018 - 2019 M / F
Difference in mean hourly rate of pay  -2.84%  
Difference in median hourly rate of pay  -0.94%  
Difference in mean bonus pay  45.63%  
Difference in median bonus pay  41.08%  

Percentage of employees who received bonus pay  

Employees by pay quartile  Male  Female
Upper quartile  63.64%  36.36%
Upper middle quartile  61.76%  38.24%
Lower middle quartile  72.73%  27.27%
Lower quartile  61.76%  38.24%

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